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Let me start by claiming that you do not need to have a little penis to appreciate little cock humiliation (SPH) as a proclivity. In my experience, the real dimension didn’t really birth much connection to the humiliation I was dishing out. Long, tiny, brief, thin– a penis is a penis and also I directly find them both a happiness and a diversion in all their shapes and sizes. But occasionally, I was utilized to judge, critique and also berate somebody for their todger.

I would humiliate a trembling submissive at my feet for as long as I ‘d been paid to, whether they were hung like a steed or a hamster. Basically, this births no relationship to a man’s size. It is, as ever before, just enjoyable, hot, consensual role-play and also a hearty favourite of mine.

Just how little is ‘little’? The term itself is, in my point of view, a bit of a misnomer. It’s more concerning embarrassing and also judging the passive on his ability to please female. I had clients who genuinely had a micro-penis– less than 1″ flacid, perhaps concerning 3.5″ hard– along with men of average dimension. The humiliation One of my very first SPH clients simply wanted to really feel unpleasant as well as degraded, so we did a role-play where I was a registered nurse in a sperm facility, as well as he was being evaluated a possible benefactor. I quietly measured, evaluated, and wrote notes about his small todger. To amp up the awkward levels, there were simply times where he was standing nude, determining tape around his member, and also I ‘d simply grimace as well as quietly shake my head with a sigh. After that check into his eyes as I say the coup de grace: ‘Nevermind’.

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SPH sometimes works together with Cuckolding ‘My dick is also little to please my sweetheart, so she requires a larger man to please her’ would certainly typically be the view of my submissive SPH customers. Lots of men intended to be told that as they were too pitiful to please any person, they were mosting likely to have to make themselves beneficial in various other means– which could be anything from some canny cunnilingus to being a human toilet.


I’m discouraged by the size, however enjoy it when a woman bullies me concerning it’. That’s a customer’s words, not mine. I’m no follower of hazardous masculinity telling guys their cock size issues, but I am a follower of playing out a person’s fantasy of being the huge bully as well as telling them they have an acorn-cock. One man was so into being shamed, he would send me photos of his pint-sized pecker beside various challenge ‘send out to my friends’. Small dick humiliation was usually a channel to various other kinky activities– a means to get to cuckoldry, chastity or even watersports. The submissive wanted to be utilized for anything besides penetrative sex, and also wished to please his Mistress in other methods. Luckily I’m a professional, so I’m greater than happy to let any individual of any kind of size spend a hr with their head between my legs.